Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Millers Island Lighthouse

Photographs by David Robert Crews

The photo at the top doesn’t have people in it but the bottom one does, because I always shoot a variety of shots for any scene. I never know what a potential photo buyer may want or need. In certain situations, having people in a photo used for commercial purposes means that I need a model’s release from them, and they may want to be paid for being in the shot. I also watched the boats moving out on the water very closely, so I could get various numbers of them in my shots, and they had to be in the right places around the lighthouse to make it a pleasingly composed and balanced photograph.

This is the pier at the bar and restaurant called Dock of the Bay, in Millers Island, Maryland. You can sit at an inside or outside table and have a fantastic view of the Chesapeake Bay. The food is good, the music is often live, and the staff and patrons are quite gregarious.

During Hurricane Isabel, and previous storms, the restaurant was flooded. Today if you were sitting where I took this shot from, you would see a breakwater out there in the middle of scene, which is made of large white boulders. The Dock of the Bay’s new newspaper add has a photo that is composed about the same as mine but with the breakwater in it. I like these photos without that obtrusive pile of rocks a lot better. The rocks are white so that they have high visibility for boaters, but it makes for a considerably less photogenic scene

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