Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Equestrian Photography

All Photographs by David Robert Crews

I love animals and photographing them, both tame and wild.

Unfortunatetly, my disbilities keep me from making enough money to get a nice photography business going, which would include this type of lucrative photography. I can't take on any paid photo assignments, because I never know when my back and neck injuries are going to knock me to the floor again.

But if I was paid what's owed me by those who owe me, not just the money but also admission of the truth about what I did to earn the money and the respect I'm due for being a person who could accomplish such oft time quite dangerous and in all ways important tasks, then I could build my portfolio of stock photography up to a level where I could support my photography work with sales of stock photos. Stock photos are a collection and selection of photographs for sale as prints and for use in publications, including on web sites. With the money from stock photo sales, I could do a lot more of all the types of photography that I do so well, and many people enjoy seeing a whole lot. If this goal of mine should ever come to fruition, I'm sure that I could work off some of this damned depression that wears me down everyday and all night long when sleep comes in fitful bursts to me.

I may not be able to support myself and pay all my bills by doing my photography, that is why I recieve a monthy disability check from the Veterans Administration, but I have an innate drive to do all I can to make people feel something good and contribute to society by producing my great photographs for all to view, and/or own, and enjoy.

I have about a thousand unedited negatives which can yield me many excellent, professional photographs to add to my stock of photos, and I have about two dozen 8x10 prints, which I custom printed in Dundalk Community College's color photo lab, that need to be scanned into digital files so I can put them on my web sites.

An artist's grant of some kind would allow me to get this photography work moving at a much more productive pace. Got any positive ideas for me on this subject?

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