Friday, September 05, 2014

Grand Prix of Baltimore Better Than You Think


Photography by David Robert Crews
{a.k.a. ursusdave}

The Baltimore Grand Prix. I couldn't see everything allowed due to physical disabilities of spinal injuries. I walked the race areas, but would have been better off with one of those electric scooters. I'd have made it to the Grand Prix winner's circle celebrations and more, but, as you'll see, I sure did get to see a lot of race track action and fun and I made an honest historical photographic record of what I saw.

There are far too many misconceptions about the Grand Prix of Baltimore to tackle them all on here.

One of the worst, though, is commercial radio reenforced malarkey about the vehicular traffic on the streets, pedestrians on sidewalks and also people utilizing mass transit systems being too crowded for most people to want to deal with. My photographs and videos show it to be just the opposite - right during peak afternoon racing times. Hardly a vehicle on Pratt Street by Harbor Place - except for a long line of waiting cabs. Taxi cabs ready to take anyone somewhere. Baltimore MTA Bus Lines were moving fast, without many passengers at all. The stops for the Light Rail and also the MARC Train Line and Metro Subway weren't overcrowded - even after a racing day had just ended. It was easy to travel by transit system or taxi cab or personal vehicle into or to get out of the city areas next to the race track.

One major aspect I had to go there to find out was that you can get real close to the fastest racing action. Like only-20-30-feet-away-up-close - even on a general admission ticket.

The first year, 2011, of the Baltimore Grand Prix, I hadn't the money to get in, but still I saw some racing action up close. And ate real good food at a close by Baltimore eatery.

The second year, 2012, I went in on general admission ticket. And saw that the previous year's easy outside views not from a restaurant were blocked - which makes good business sense to me. All of us there inside on general admission had cool, comfy variety of great viewing of the racing. The comfortable looking folks in the grandstands and other higher priced areas sure were enjoying themselves, and I would have gone for some of that but could not afford to. Maybe not, though, because general admission allowed me to walk around and see the races from various places, just not the higher priced viewing spots.

The third year, 2013, I went in on a general admission ticket with a paddock pass. The paddock (if ya' don't know) is where cars are worked on between races and where drivers and race team members with their guests hang out. That paddock pass gets you right in there next to them. Then there is the kids' area, where families with children had fun with Boy Scouts' Pinewood Derby Races, 1/25th scale slot car races, full sized electric go cart racing, carnival rides, sing along musical stage shows and much more. Food venders were well placed all throughout. And so were race fan clothing & memorabilia vendors. Also, you can rent radios that tune into what the drivers and their race teams are talking about during Grand Prix lap times.

It surprised me all those good restaurants and hotels there in the middle of the track. There are top rated (well known and loved Baltimore) restaurants and hotels inside the track areas; and similar great eating and drinking and hotel establishments outside those areas but alongside the track - with close views of the racing action.

I realize that conflicting major sporting event schedules have a lot to do with the Grand Prix of Baltimore not having happened in 2014 and possibly not happening again for a year or two more. But, sadly, unfairly, too much mistruth along with lack of known truths are also to blame for future Baltimore Grand Prix Races being somewhat in doubt.

My photos and video clips show a whole lot of what it truly is = Grand Prix of Baltimore Races are far too misunderstood; they are good for Baltimore City, not at all too disruptive and there is a lot more to attending them than most anyone can imagine. Do not imagine anything! And if you do not already know what I do about Baltimore Grand Prix Races check out my photography of them, because it is the most honest and complete representation of those grand days in Baltimore, Maryland that there is anywhere. Guaranteed!!

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