Monday, March 05, 2012

The Road To And From The Ft. Howard VAMC

Photography by David Robert Crews {a.k.a. ursusdave}

Looking up Old North Point Road, from here at the gate for the Fort Howard VAMC - the old VA hospital - you can see the entrance to/exit from Baltimore County's Ft. Howard Park there on the right side just outside the VAMC gate.

You may have already ready been aware of the ongoing efforts to save the Fort Howard Veterans Affairs Medical Center property for veterans only. The VA and commercial property developers are intent on building 1400 living units, several retail outlets and some commercial office spaces on the Ft. Howard VA grounds. They will have to have a VA medical clinic there, and a small clinic is all there is in use there today. The local community knows, many veterans (including myself) know, that more VA health care facilities, plus a maximum of 400 living units, is the best way to redevelop that property.

Old North Point Road is the main road going into and coming out of the Fort Howard Veterans Affairs Medical Center. For nearly four miles, that road is the only way out of, or into, the VA property - which is located down in way out on the North Point Peninsula. Every side road - connected to that four-mile section of Old N. Point Rd. - is a short ride to waterfront property.

For those of you who have never been to Ft. Howard to be able to understand what the proposed development of the Ft. Howard VA will mean to the adjacent communities, in terms of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, I have created a set of photos and videos of the main road to and from Ft. Howard. That road cannot handle an increase in traffic from the proposed over-development of the Ft. Howard VAMC property. The full set of photos and videos is at:

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