Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Fells Point Halloween

The following three photographs are straight from 35MM negatives and were created by some experimental camera handling. I took the shots with a flash on, the shutter speed on 1 sec, instead of the normal 1/60 sec exposures for flash, and had a let 'er rip not knowing what the hell might show up on my negatives.

See the guy with an 8 Ball for a head, them bodacious babes must have blown his mind. Look in the darkness on the right side, there's a mini-skirted girl there with seperate top and bottom halves to her body, it looks like the top of her body floated off its lower half towards the left.

Photography by David Robert Crews

Ahem!. Did somebody slip something psychedelic in that guy's drink?

Photography by David Robert Crews

Notice the fleet of flying saucers coming in at tree top level in a loose V Formation. They seem to doing some kind of shake up on the crowd; maybe I caught some kinda soul/brain/personality swapp and all them smiling, innocent, drunken, stoned, horny, some nearly pukin', people are being turned into space aliens deep down inside them somewhere, where it can be called to action to take over its 'host' body and raise hell on a future Halloween. Maybe not, but they do look like flyin' saucers don't they?

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